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Vitamin Therapy

My husband and I had a vitamin infusion last Friday. We woke up Saturday morning with a clear mind and more energy than we have had in years. I feel so revitalized. Thanks girls for introducing us to this new way to keep us young and feeling great.

Cindy H.
Ketamine Therapy, Vitamin Therapy

Thank you.

I have to start with I met my angel that’s here on earth “Sheila” !!!! I have all the above from PTSD to Depression and was on my last rope. This all started with a horrible car wreck back in 1996! I go to a psychiatrist who has tried me on every medication there is but I have been like this so long they stop working and he couldn’t find anything else to help me. I also did therapy – nothing helped! I was lost in this dark deep hole and I hated it.My home was my safe spot, didn’t want to leave, you can forget about vacation. I don’t travel anymore all I did was have panic attacks and anxiety I always had to tell my husband to turn around, it was awful.On top of that I have a brain tumor and have the worst headaches you can imagine! With all that being said doctors just passed me along to the next not knowing what to do until one day I went to a different doctor and she told me about Ketamine. At this point I had nothing to lose I did my research and I called Sheila made a appointment and my whole family “mom dad and husband” went a talked with her and I started the treatment. I was very excited and scared to start this process I mean I didn’t know if it would help me.. I am here today so happy for the first time in I really can’t remember did they help me that’s a understatement they worked I am beyond happy with the results I know I have a long road ahead of me but that’s ok. I got this! Let me also say if you do this I highly recommend doing it with the therapist she helped me so much. I got over stuff I didn’t even know I needed to!! This is a “game changer” if you have any questions please reach out to me. I will help you anyway I can!! Last thing the staff is so amazing and Sheila held my hand every step I took she even cried with me. I have never bonded like this before with a doctor she is beyond amazing you can tell she really cares as for me I am so blessed and over the moon happy as my mom said “I have my girl back” I also do group therapy at her office every week love it 😍 thanks again for all you have done for me!!!!!! 
Misti F.

Truly blessed to have found this clinic.

I began my Ketamine journey with another provider. After undergoing an initial course of seven infusions for Treatment Resistant Depression followed by four maintenance boosters, I found the results to be marginal, and began seeking a new infusion clinic.  
I found more than I could have hoped for with Sheila Beasley at Illuminate Wellness. Sheila is an experienced practitioner, trained in anesthesiology, as well as a dedicated healer, who integrates extensive medical knowledge and training with compassionate patient centric care, to heal the whole person. Sheila is the co-owner of Illuminate Wellness and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, with three decades of experience. She is a healer in the truest sense of the word. Sheila has given me sustained relief from severe refractory depression, PTSD and chronic pain. I have undergone a life changing transformation since becoming her patient. I felt instantly at ease when I transitioned to Illuminate Ketamine and the infusion experience could not be more pleasant in their beautifully appointed treatment rooms. The sense of being safe and cared for during my infusion sessions is directly attributable to Sheila’s clinical expertise, unwavering attention and devotion to her patients, and her loving personality. I am truly blessed to have found this clinic and cannot more highly recommend Illuminate Wellness and the unparalleled level of treatment they offer. My depressive symptoms have been totally alleviated and I am free from pain for the first time in years. I look forward to each day, have a renewed passion about life, and look forward to a bright future. If you are suffering and no longer find relief from antidepressants and are considering ketamine infusion therapy, please do not hesitate to contact Illuminate Wellness. They will change your life for the better and lift you out of the darkness.
Donna L.

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