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Studies have shown the positive impacts Low Dose Ketamine infusion therapy can have a variety of severe mood disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, suicidal ideation and more. Our philosophy is collaboration and coordination with providers for all treatments to ensure continuous care and improvement for our patients.

Ketamine infusion therapy results in little to no “down time”. In fact, results are quickly noticed as Ketamine crosses the blood brain barrier, thus allowing for a maximal plasma level at 40 minutes. Many patients notice a difference after just one infusion.

While we provide Ketamine infusion therapy, our clinic does not conduct extensive psychiatric diagnostic interviews. We depend upon our experienced colleagues who specialize in this field to do these. Typically, providers specializing in chronic pain, psychiatry, etc., refer patients to us who have a treatment-refractory condition, or a condition that needs more aggressive and acute therapeutic intervention.

Ketamine infusion therapy is not appropriate for individuals who have a psychotic component to their mental health issue, either in the present or the past. Intravenous Ketamine is recommended as the route of administration as the bioavailability is almost double from other routes of administration.

The infusions of Ketamine are a sub-anesthetic dose and are administered over a period of 40 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the individual needs of the patient. Providers communicate with patients throughout the infusions to ensure that the patient is at a comfortable level.

Treatments are given in a low-stimulation private environment. Each patient has their own room equipped with proper monitoring equipment, accessory equipment, and oxygen supply if needed. Our providers are Nurse Anesthetists and are comfortable treating patients with co-morbidities.



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